Weight Loss Non-diet Solution - 320k Sold!

“Biochemical Researcher Lost 220 lbs &
Now Dedicates His Life to Helping Others
Transform their Bodies & their Lives…”


Dear Reader

My name is Jon Gabriel. Our direct Gabriel Method number in the USA is 310 982 6594.
The above pictures are actual, untouched “before and after” photos of me. I lost 226 pounds without dieting and without surgery.
Maybe you saw my story on Today Tonight or on A Current Affair. Or perhaps you may have heard Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Khaliah, talk about me on various talk shows in the US like The Today Show,and Entertainment Tonight.
Other places you may have seen my story include, The Sunday Morning Times, WHO magazine, Nova Magazine, Holistic Primary Care Magazine or on radio stations: Coast to Coast AM, ABC Radio and the Bill and Kelly show in Burbank, CA.
If you want to lose weight and keep it off, I may be able to help you. But you have to understand:
This is NOT a diet.

This is NOT about grueling exercise.

This is NOT about high-priced gym memberships.

This is NOT about any form of drugs.

This is NOT about meal plans.
Or frankly, anything else that you think you’ve seen or heard before.
It is that unique.
When my daughter’s nanny, Carole Skabe, discovered what I have to share she lost 88 pounds over a 6 month period – without dieting.
Her 14 year old granddaughter, Chantelle, lost 44 pounds in just 2 months. Chantelle is now speaking with me at seminars and schools, helping other teenagers solve their weight problems forever.
After Gabrielle Hart of XLR radio in Brisbane interviewed me for her radio show, she became so inspired that she lost 38 pounds. That was weight she had been struggling to lose for years, and she lost it in just four weeks. Ms. Hart has now invited me to be the resident weight loss expert on her weekly radio program.
And here’s what Khaliah Ali (daughter of boxing champion Muhammed Ali) had to say about my approach in an interview for WHO magazine:
Muhammad Ali’s daughter Kahlia Ali talks about The Gabriel Method

"I have been truly blessed to have a very close relationship with Jon Gabriel, so much so that I consider him my brother. His wisdom and his broad-reaching knowledge have acted as a guide to help navigate me through all the noise and confusion in the world of weight loss. His story is very compelling and alluring but what’s more compelling is the way he’s going to go out into the world and completely transform it."
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