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First, you should know that the main base, which is based on the best routine is the same workout routine should not be the goal of losing weight, but to lose fat. And "The Apprentice" and routines "average" are pretty decent (although, like others, I am a little skeptical about the training program of six days and the possibility of exhaustion). Pilates exercise routine is different in that the exercises to improve strength and sculpting the body without stressing the joints.
If your problem is trying to decide which workout is good for you and you can not be transported in the forest site, read on!

How long workout routines else?

For best results trains twice a day, and that whole routine for about 20 minutes, which is nice when you just want to tone your body. The benefits of routine work home - when they want to practice. For example, it is not advisable to weight train every day, but if you're trying to build muscle, and after the division of the body of the routine. Include drive optimal combination of weight training and cardiovascular procedures.

What about weight training?

Weight training improves muscle performance we have. Weight training includes exercises that work on muscular strength and muscular endurance. Weight training is not just for body builders, it is important for all of us. Weight lifting is a very effective way to lose fat, but when combined with the heart, it becomes much more efficient. A rule in the presentation of weight training is to ensure that the division so not yet completed training programs.

What about cardiac workouts?

Cardio became important for those wanting to enjoy life until his last years. While everyone has their own preferences exercises, and the best core exercises are those who love because they are the exercises you want a full, actually. If you want a piece of fitness equipment that gives you the best exercise heart through elliptical machines and an ideal choice. If you're ready for the best memory exercises, and choose a workout that you really enjoy and be on your way much healthier life.

What about fat loss?

When you were born, your parents do not have to choose your own size. The majority of athletes and regular exercise to lose body fat and improve body composition in general. Train the more you have to weigh in the context of a strategy for fat loss is three times a week. During the regime of fat loss workout while weight training should be limited to 20-30 minutes, in order to maximize the impact of burning calories. While diet and nutrition task exercise regimen gets your metabolism up the throttle and optimal fat burning condition. Also a lot of exercise can also cause tiredness and fatigue.

Choose the right workout routine

Home work routine is a better chance if you are short on time and want to stay home with their children. Requires little exercise equipment at home routine work. Home Gym is a practice routine work easier and reduce the hassles of driving and spending time away from home. With the advent of modern technology such as the Internet, and this routine is now available online.

See the link below for a selection of routine work.
Flavia Del Monte's Full Body Licious & Curvalicious Workout Systems full review just for Women / girl
What's Included With Flavia Del Montes Full Body Licious:

When you sign up for Flavia Del Montes Full Body Licious Program, you'll receive: 
Flavia Del Montes Full Body Licious five video series that provides you with a specific workout to target each of your in trouble  spots 
The "Eat Like This" Burn Fat manual that shows you precisely what you need to do diet-wise to achieve the physique you're after
Printable workout charts & routines
Success Tracker adherence charts to track your diet success
Hormone Control guide, where you learn how to control female hormones that influence your fat loss results 
A complete Kitchen Makeover where you'll find out what you should and shouldn't be keeping in your home for a fat burning environment 
The Fab 5 Supplement Report so you can see what you should and shouldn't invest in when it comes to supplementation 
Travel work-out program that shows you how to still work out without gym equipment
Flavia Del Montes Full Body Licious Pro's:

  • The workout program is easy to follow
  • Complete diet information is included for a full body transformation
  • You'll learn the ins and outs of what makes a female body unique and why most common training methods won't work
  • There is no need for long duration cardio sessions with Flavia Del Montes Full Body Licious program
  • The workouts are in video format making it easy to understand how to perform each exercise
Flavia Del Montes Full Body Licious Con's:

  • Workouts tend to be a bit lengthy at 60 minutes each and are to be done five days per week
  • If your goal is to fill out and build more size, you will not see the results you want with Flavia Del Montes Full Body Licious program -- you'll need a more muscle building focused approach
  • Those with slow computer connections may struggle to view the online videos
Our Opinion:

If you're a woman and are truly committed to changing your body and getting started on a complete fitness regimen, Flavia Del Montes Full Body Licious provides you with everything you need. It's nice that it's strictly just for females, so you won't get that cross-over between male and female training like you would with so many other programs available. 
Another unique aspect about Flavia Del Montes Full Body Licious is that it recognizes the impact female hormones have that make fat loss more difficult for women and teaches you how to deal with and overcome this to reach your goals. 
Flavia is living proof that her workouts get results and as success stories come in, it's plain to see that it is doing the same for many other women using her program. 
Given that Flavia Del Montes Full Body Licious addresses workouts, diet, and supplements, nothing is left out in this approach to fat loss. Flavia Del Montes Full Body Licious is a good program for women looking to lose fat and tone their bodies.
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